An exhibition/performance of the duo De Backer et Thielemans, Kitchen by Kitchen, Brussels, May 25th 2019

Curated by (SIC) archive

With the participation of Hugo Amoedo, Matthieu Collet, Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Rose Dupond, Sylvie Eyberg, Olivier Mignon, Raphaël Pirenne, Juan Pablo Plazas, Juliette Romero, Kana Umeda and Cyriaque Villemaux

Pictures by Maxime Baldewyns, except video animation.

List of the works in alphabetical order

1sec. de fleurs, Diego Thielemans, hd color video, 1sec., 2014

10 tables de projections, De Backer et Thielemans, poplar board and painting, variable dimensions, 2015-2018

Masque de salle, Diego Thielemans, carboard, painting, wood, mirrors, 25x18x20cm, 2019

Plateaux son & vidéo, De Backer et Thielemans, poplar board, metal pieces, oil, 2019

Table n°11 (ten copies), Diego Thielemans, poplar board, mirror, inks, variable dimensions, 2019