Domestic Science

Collective show, Pfand-Leeggoed, Brussels, 25-27/03/2022
With Héloïse Colrat, Consumptie Verplicht, De Backer et Thielemans, Tommy Lecot, Mathias Prenen, Merzedes Sturm-Lie, Yi Zhang
Curated by Aaron Daem, Nothing For Free

De Backer and Thielemans’ participation consisted of showing three sets from the series Objets de projection, made in situ during the construction of the exhibition.
Installation views of the Objets de projection serie by Aaron Daem and Diego Thielemans.

The Silly Running Troubled Dots – Part 1

Personal exhibition, Gevaert Editions
(Rue du Chapeau 10), Brussels
Installation views by Saskia Gevaert

The Silly Running Troubled Dots – Part 2

Window installation, Chez Rosi, Brussels

20 Objets de Projection

Exhibition of sculptures in MULTIPLEXE, by Benjamin De Backer and Diego Thielemans
In the frame of the collective show Institution Building, curated by Nikolaus Hirsch, Matylda Krzykowski and Cédric Libert, CIVA, Brussels, 27/08 -07/11/2021
Installation views by Diego Thielemans and Benjamin De Backer

Les Cinémas

Personal exhibition, CAS-Ostende, Ostende, 11-13/09/2020
Curated by June Laka, Shhh Festival, Monokino

Chose Rythme

Personal exhibition, Rue du Chapeau 10, Brussels, 06-29/02/2020
With the support of Benjamin De Backer, the participation of Bérénice Béguerie and Aude Van Wyller and the welcome of Saskia Gevaert.
Installation pictures by Maxime Baldewyns


An exhibition/performance of De Backer et Thielemans, Kitchen by Kitchen, Brussels, May 25th 2019
Curated by (SIC)
With the participation of Hugo Amoedo, Matthieu Collet, Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Rose Dupond, Sylvie Eyberg, Olivier Mignon, Raphaël Pirenne, Juan Pablo Plazas, Juliette Romero, Kana Umeda and Cyriaque Villemaux
Photographs by Maxime Baldewyns