Les Cinémas

Personal exhibition, CAS-Ostende, Ostende, 11-13/09/2020
Curated by June Laka, Shhh Festival, Monokino


Installation pictures and video animation by Diego Thielemans.

List of the works in alphabetical order :

Cinema Majestic, Diego Thielemans, risograph printing, 29.7x42cm, 15 copies, 2020
Printed at Chez Rosi

Les Garçons, HD color video, mute,film extracts and painting, 6’30”, 2020
With Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Glenn Gould, Buster Keaton, a singer from the cabaret Marceline Monsieur, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Toshiiro Mifune

Paravent, De Backer et Thielemans, poplar board, inks, 2019

Table n°11 (ten copies), Diego Thielemans, poplar board, mirror, inks, variable dimensions, 2019