Chose Rythme

Personal exhibition, Rue du Chapeau 10, Brussels, 06-29/02/2020
With the support of Benjamin De Backer, the participation of Bérénice Béguerie and Aude Van Wyller and the welcome of Saskia Gevaert.

Installation pictures by Maxime Baldewyns.

List of the works in alphabetical order

Applied Mathematics, Diego Thielemans and Aude Van Wyller, HD color video, sound, extract from Are You with It ? (starring Donald O’Connor, M. Haskins, 1948) 5’10’’, 2018

Applied Mathematics, Diego Thielemans, wood, anti-vibration foam, sandpaper, painting, speakers, beamer, 2018

Cinéma pliable, De Backer et Thielemans, wood, mirror, felt, 2020

Masque aux confettis, Diego Thielemans, meranti pannel, varnish, confettis, 2020

Miroir et paire de gants 1 & 2, De Backer et Thielemans, mirrors, spray painting, 2020

Nature, Diego Thielemans, HD color video, sound, 12’20’’, 2020
Technical support by Maxime Baldewyns

Plateau vidéo, De Backer et Thielemans, poplar board, metal pieces, oil, 2019

Table du re-bureau, Diego Thielemans and Bérénice Béguerie, fir laths, varnish, 2018

Table n°12 & Outres à son, De Backer et Thielemans, fir laths, meranti and poplar boards, speakers, painting, 2020

Thaumatrope, Diego Thielemans, meranti board, ink, strings, 2020

Vie sensible, Diego Thielemans, HD color video, mute, 2’’, confettis, extract from Jail Bait (starring Buster Keaton, Ch. Lammont, 1937), 2020